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The all-new Continuous Glucose Monitor featuring an extended 20 foot range1, glucose trends in vibrant color and a sleek and small receiver available in three colors - Classic Black, Ocean Blue, and Tickled Pink.

CGM is intended to supplement, not replace, a blood glucose meter. A confirmatory finger stick is required prior to treatment.
  1. Dexcom G4 PLATINUM User Guide, May 2012.

About Dexcom

At Dexcom, our mission is to empower people to take control of diabetes.

In the United States alone, approximately 26 million people have diabetes. Without the data derived from continuous glucose monitoring ("CGM") technologies, we believe that patients simply don't have the right tools to adequately manage their glucose levels. With our CGM platform, we provide a simple and effective tool to enable patients and their caregivers to implement proper therapies, manage their diabetes and improve their health.

Fatema, Financial Planner

Just one week after my sixteenth birthday, I was admitted to the Emergency Room with pain in my upper left abdomen. After x-rays and blood work, the doctor told me “Fatema, you have a tumor on your pancreas that needs to be removed immediately."

Vic, Ironman