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Continuous Glucose Monitoring.

CGM is intended to supplement, not replace, a blood glucose meter. A confirmatory finger stick is required prior to treatment.

Introducing the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM CGM

Continuous glucose monitoring from Dexcom featuring an extended 20 foot range1, glucose trends in vibrant color and a sleek small receiver available in three colors - Classic Black, Ocean Blue and Tickled Pink.

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When LOWER is better
Overall Accuracy: Mean ARD (MARD)* % of CGM-YSI

Mean ARD (MARD)*
NEW STUDY Dexcom G4 PLATINUM w/ NEW Software 505 9%
*CGM accuracy is measured by the mean absolute relative difference (MARD) from a patient’s reference values obtained from blood glucose measurements from a lab analyzer, YSI (Yellow Springs Instrument). A lower value indicates closer accuracy to reference values.

When HIGHER is better
Hypoglycemia (CGM ≤ 80mg/dL) Accuracy over Time: Percentage of CGM within 20 mg/dL of YSI

Day 1 Day 4 Day 7 Avg Daily Calibration
NEW STUDY Dexcom G4 PLATINUM w/ NEW Software 505 91% 95% 97% 2x/day
PREVIOUS STUDY Dexcom G4 PLATINUM 81% 88% 81% 2x/day
The System performance was evaluated in two separate prospective clinical studies. Differences between the studies include the number of subjects enrolled, the number of Systems worn by each participant, the SMBG meter used, and the number of clinic days each subject participated in during the study.

Because you rule.

A good product is only as good as its application. At Dexcom, we believe that the best CGM is the one patients will use which is why the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM was designed with you in mind.


Life is colorful. Shouldn't you see your glucose in the same way? With trends in vivid hues of yellow, red, and white, you'll see quickly and easily when you're going high, low, or good to go. And for an added splash of color, our receivers now come in Classic Black, Tickled Pink and Ocean Blue - vibrant colors for the vibrant personality in you!

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Designed to fit any busy lifestyle. At less than 1/2 inch thick, the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Receiver is sleek and small1 and slips easily into a coin pocket. And at 2.4 ounces, it's the lightest1,2 CGM around.

Lifestyle Conveniences


With a sensor needle that's more than 1/3 smaller than the next available brand, it's easy to see why users say our sensors are virtually painless, simple to use, and easy to wear.


Walk away from your receiver? No problem! Our transmission distance of up to 20 feet is 3x farther1,2 than the next alternative brand so you get the added flexibility your lifestyle demands

Tones/ Melodies

Setting high or low alerts has never been more ear-pleasing with custom tones and melodies to suit your needs.

Pick an alarm to hear the available selection:

Fixed Low Alarm


Low Alarm



High Alarm



Falling Glucose



Rising Glucose



Beauty and brains.

It's the whole package

With the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM CGM, you'll get a CGM that's not only appealing but one that delivers results consistently and accurately.1

Small and mighty

Our sensor is designed to deliver exceptional sensing and outstanding performance to help drive decisions that empower you.

Better than ever

Improved accuracy in the low and high glucose ranges1 means better detection for diabetes decisions.

Long life sensor

The only sensor on the market approved for up to 7 days use1 for added value and greater convenience for you and your schedule.

Thursday is "My Dexcom Day."

7-day wear makes it easy to remember when to change your sensor. When will your Dexcom day be?

Dexcom STUDIO.

With a standard USB port it is easy to download and share your CGM information with your loved ones, caregiver, or your doctor.

With Dexcom STUDIO's new portrait summary report you can easily spot the trouble areas in your diabetes management.

Learn more about Dexcom STUDIO.

People just like you love us.

Most important to us is that the people we serve are happy. we were thrilled to hear that they are based on independent research.

Dexcom is the company consistently ranked highest in customer loyalty and user satisfaction 3 years in a row.3

Non-pumpers use us, but hey, so do pumpers.

Pump Brands Insulin Brands
Tandem Diabetes Care
Eli Lilly
Novo Nordisk

No matter how you choose to deliver insulin, CGM can benefit you whether you're on insulin injections or on an insulin pump.4 If you pump, the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM can complement your insulin pump to help fine-tune your insulin delivery therapy.

Really big deal researchers think we're awesome

Right now, a big study is happening world-wide on the Artificial Pancreas (AP).

Dexcom is a proud AP partner6 and its technology is used in the JDRF AP Project and European AP@Home Project.

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