How Do I Charge My Receiver?

The Receiver battery is re-chargeable like a cellular phone. The re-chargeable battery will last for about 3-5 days before you need to charge it with the Receiver Charging Cable. Your re-chargeable battery life depends on your Alert settings and how often you use the Events Menu. The Receiver will tell you when the battery charge is low. The Receiver takes 3 hours to charge fully if the battery is completely drained. To recharge your battery, follow the instructions below:

  1. Connect the Receiver Charging Cable into the port on the bottom of the Receiver. Make sure the “Push” button side of the charger cable is facing down.
  2. Connect the plug into a standard power outlet.
  3. The Receiver will show the symbol below of a battery charging across the Receiver screen:
    battery charging
  4. After a few seconds, your Trend Screen will reappear with the “animated” (moving across from left to right) Charging Battery symbol shown in the lower right corner next to the Antenna Symbol.
    animated Charging Battery symbol
  5. The battery will fully charge after 3 hours. You will not be notified when the receiver is done charging.
  6. After charging is complete, press the “Push” Button on the charger to disconnect.

Helpful Hints

  • Charge your battery before each Sensor insertion. Periodically check your battery level to make sure it has enough charge.
  • If your battery drains and is not charged for about 6 months, the back-up battery might also drain. When this happens, you will need to reset your Receiver’s time.
  • Only use the Dexcom battery charger provided in the Starter Kit. Do not use any other battery charger. You should charge the Receiver during daytime inactivity.
  • Since the receiver has a rechargeable battery, after charging it for 3 hrs you should disconnect the charger as to be sure not to overcharge it, which can deplete the battery over time.