What Do the Three Question Marks (???) Mean on the Receiver?

Sometimes the Dexcom® SEVEN® PLUS may tell you that it cannot provide a glucose reading. When this occurs you will see 3 question marks (???) in the Receiver Status Box. Check the placement of your Sensor to make sure it is still sticking well to your skin. Also make sure nothing is rubbing the Sensor Pod (i.e. clothing, seat belts, etc.). Check to see if the Transmitter is snapped in on both sides. Oftentimes this error happens when the SEVEN PLUS detects problems with the glucose signal or insertion area. Sometimes the SEVEN PLUS can fix the issue and start providing glucose readings. However, if it has been 3 hours, contact Technical Support.

Helpful Hints

  • If you see the “???” in the Status Box of the Receiver Trend Graph, it is recommended that you wait out this period of time. Do not calibrate your system during this time.
  • When you see “???”, taking fingersticks with your meter and entering them does not help the System display more glucose readings. Any fingersticks that you take during “???” will be ignored by the System.
  • Wait until you see a single blood drop in the Status Box before entering a calibration value into your Receiver.