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What other reports can I see on Dexcom CLARITY?

  • Easy-to-read reports and the ability to print multiple reports at once
  • 90-day reports
  • Daily and hourly stats
  • Excel downloads
  • Overlay graphs

Example Report:

The Overlay view of the Data page displays one week of data in each graph with colored lines to represent a single day’s data over time. For example, if you choose a date range of 10 days and do not apply any filters, you’d see two graphs, one with seven lines and one with three.

Data overlay

Using Reports:

You can view, download, and print up to 7 reports from Dexcom CLARITY for up to 90 days of data. Easy to read graphs help you identify opportunities to modify your diabetes management plan to achieve better A1C goals. .

Clear reporting

Excel Exporting:

Dexcom CLARITY also has the option to export data as a CSV file you can open in Excel.

Excel Exporting

LBL014183 Rev006

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