Where can I Wear my Sensor?

Choose a site on a fatty area of your belly to place the Sensor. You can choose a site above or below your beltline. The best areas to insert your Sensor are usually flat, "pinchable," and free from where rubbing can occur (i.e., pant line, seatbelts).

  • Establish a rotation schedule for choosing each new Sensor location.
  • Avoid Sensor locations that are constrained by clothing, accessories, or subjected to rigorous movement during exercise.
  • Avoid areas with scarring, tattoos, or rough patches of skin from your insulin injections or pump.
  • Choose an area that is at least 3 inches from where you plan to inject insulin or from where your pump infusion site is located.
  • Avoid using the same spot repeatedly for Sensor insertion. Never use the same site for 2 SenĀ¬sor uses in a row.
  • You may need to shave the area where you plan to put the Sensor so that the adhesive patch sticks well.
  • Make sure there are no traces of lotions, perfumes or medications on the area. Clean the area first with an alcohol swab. Make sure the area is clean and completely dry before you insert the Sensor.

The safety and effectiveness of the SEVEN and SEVEN PLUS Systems have not been evaluated for sensor probe insertion sites other than the skin of the abdomen.