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When you are first told, "You have type 1 diabetes," it can be a shattering experience. Eventually, though, through education and support, you can emerge much stronger than you might've been otherwise, as I believe happened with me. In fact, as a self-proclaimed diabetes advocate, I've created a blog called "Type 1 Diabetic Warrior" in order to pass along the help and encouragement that I've received from others. Through this blog and other venues, I never miss an opportunity to tell my fellow diabetics how much my life has changed since I started using a t:slim insulin pump and my Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). The event that led me to Dexcom came during a diabetic support group for women. One after another, they were all praising Dexcom products to the skies. Nothing like that kind of enthusiasm to get your attention! The actual tipping point–the day I decided I had to have a Dexcom CGM–came after experiencing two readings in the 20s during the night… both in one week! That was two too-many close calls. I didn't want to die in my sleep! And now my Dexcom helps me actually sleep at night without fear or worry. Being equipped with my pump and Dexcom has not only made my life easier in general, it has also made my job far easier. You see, I work full time as a Finance and Internet Manager at my father's car dealership. Going outside and taking pictures of cars and showing them to customers is very much an on-the-spot kind of thing. I just don't have time to set a temp basal 30 minutes before I have to get up and do something. So my Dexcom has become my lifeline! I need to know when my blood glucose starts to drop because I drop FAST and sometimes so fast I don't notice until I am at 40. My Dexcom and pump have also made becoming a parent a million times easier -- Dexcom helps me take better care of my daughter. I need to be there for her, so I have to know–and know immediately–if my blood sugar is crashing! One of my main objectives with the "Type 1 Diabetic Warrior" blog is to help point people to the right medical team. One key member of the team is a good Endocrinologist such as my own Dr. Iverson. Another is a good Certified Diabetes Educator such as the one I have–an amazing woman named Calli, who, along with my brother, got me on the pump and pretty much held my hand through the whole process. A medical team like this will make your life so much easier and better through education! The story isn't complete without a HUGE shout-out to my wonderful husband Ray and the unsurpassed love and support I receive from him daily. Together, we have an incredible daughter, two Boxers and five insane cats–accent on "together!"
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