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Meet Erin Spineto*

Adventure seeker



On top of being an athlete and sailor, I’m a mother, wife, author and science teacher. Like many, I don’t let diabetes define me or hold me back. I believe that the best way to find out what you’re truly capable of is to take on an adventure – even if you think it may be outside of your reach. I believe the best way to stay motivated to exercise is to pick a huge challenge and train for it. I constantly make and reach new goals with the help of my Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System. 





I sail, swim, and stand-up paddle, and my Dexcom System helps me to do these things. I took a solo sailing trip 100 miles down the Florida Keys with my Dexcom System by (on) my side. My Dexcom System helps with all of my training. I recently completed a four-mile swim as part of a relay in the 12.5-mile Swim around Key West with the Sea Peptide Swimmers.  We were the first all Type 1 diabetic team to complete the race, a feat that has required months of preparation and training. Everyone on the team has a Dexcom System because it allows us to monitor our glucose levels in the water without having to touch the ground or the boat. 


*Paid spokesperson for Dexcom, Inc.

My Dexcom is an added layer of security, watching over me around the clock. I cannot tell you how many times it has saved my life.

Around the clock security

I started using the Dexcom CGM System in 2008,  the alerts and alarms have woken me up several times, when I’m plummeting and on the verge of passing out. My Dexcom is an added layer of security, watching over me around the clock. I cannot tell you how many times it has saved my life. 

Find your own adventure

I hope people will begin to seek out their own adventure, find those in the diabetes community pursuing the same thing, and take good care of themselves so they can adventure safely

My goal is to encourage people with diabetes to never let diabetes limit them from achieving their goals.

Become a Warrior

If you’re interested in becoming a Dexcom Warrior, tell us about yourself using the link below and how you would like to educate others about diabetes. If we choose to feature your story, a member of our Warriors Committee will reach out to you to provide you more details about the program.

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