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Executive Vice President - Regulatory Strategy, Clinical Affairs and Strategic Partnership Development

Andrew K. Balo


Andy Balo is Executive Vice President of Clinical Affairs, Regulatory Strategies, and Global Access at Dexcom.

Andy was part of the original executive team at Dexcom, playing a critical role in shaping the future of the company. Currently, he is responsible for regulatory strategic direction and clinical trials worldwide. He also coordinates Quality activities in multiple Dexcom manufacturing facilities to meet FDA compliance regulations and guidelines. Joining Dexcom in 2002, Andy has initiated all clinical trials performed at Dexcom as well as all US and OUS regulatory submissions (totaling 142 submissions).

He is widely regarded as an industry expert in regulatory and clinical strategies and previously sat on several FDA panels including cardiovascular, neurological and gastrointestinal. Andy has been instrumental in bringing several breakthrough medical devices to market, including a neurological cooling device, mechanical and tissue-based heart valves, pacemakers, pacing leads, aortic grafts and 3-D electrophysiology mapping devices and has obtained approval for over 100 PMAs and PMA supplements.

Prior to joining Dexcom, Andy served as Vice President of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs for InnerCool Therapies and Endocardial Solutions. During the 1990s, Andy held several positions at St. Jude Medical including Vice President, Regulatory, Clinical and Technical Services and Corporate Vice President, Quality, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs and was an officer of the company.

Andy received his Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology and chemistry from the University of Maryland and completed graduate studies at UCLA and Stanford.