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Executive Vice President – Chief Commercial Officer

Rick Doubleday

"Having been in the diabetes space for over 20 years, CGM should absolutely be the standard of care."


Rick Doubleday is the Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer at Dexcom.

In his current role, Rick is responsible for the sales, marketing and customer service functions. Before being named EVP in January 2015, Rick led all sales and marketing functions for the company, driving the acceleration of worldwide awareness and adoption of Dexcom CGM.

Prior to Dexcom, Rick served in numerous capacities at Johnson and Johnson over the span of 21 years, including roles in the diabetes space for both LifeScan, Inc. and Animas Corporation. While at J&J, Rick oversaw consumer sales, field sales, and marketing for the Healthcare Professional Channel. He also served as Director of Strategic Marketing and Alliances, where he was responsible for developing and managing strategic partnerships for Animas, as well as helping to craft the long-term portfolio strategy.

Rick earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University.