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Continuous Glucose Monitoring Software


With Dexcom STUDIO, you can download the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM CGM in seconds, access additional reports for insights, and print the charts at the touch of a button. All of this with a more streamlined interface.


Note: Dexcom STUDIO is only available on Windows operating systems. Dexcom now provides Dexcom CLARITY for Mac users.

Dexcom PORTRAIT Report

A new summary report that says it all

This one page report helps to easily and quickly:

1. Identify clinically significant patterns with the Pattern Map

2. Prioritize which glucose patterns to address with the Pattern Map

3. Focus on potentially the most significant patterns with Insight Summary

4. Provide possible solutions to improve glucose management with Possible Considerations and Interpretation section

Pattern Map

Frequency + Duration + Intensity = Clinical Significance


The longer and wider the red or yellow highlighted areas is, the more clinically significant the glycemic excursion may be.

Insights and Potential Solutions

Highlights the most significant pattern of hyper- and hypoglycemia throughout daytime and nighttime and frequency of occurence. In addition, possible clinical considerations to help resolve glycemic excursions.

Summary Statistics and Interpretation

Quick snapshot of glucose statistics and calibration frequency as well as a place for written therapy adjustments and suggestions to help improve glucose control.

Hourly Stats Report

All-in-one report to easily assess glycemic patterns and variability at the same time.

Glucose Distribution Report

Shows percent time high, low and in target glucose ranges and overall glucose distribution.


Assess pre- and post-prandial control by comparing pie chart distribution.

Daily Stats Report

Review percent time spent high, low and in target glucose ranges by day.

Success Report

Compares glycemic control weekly, monthly or quarterly.