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With the Dexcom G5® Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System, you can

Know Before You're Low

When you live with diabetes and have to intensively manage insulin, you know how quickly blood glucose can change, and how challenging and unpredictable diabetes can be. Imagine having a system that can alert you and help you to prevent lows before they happen – day and night.

With the world’s first mobile-connected CGM system*, you can also share your real-time data with up to 5 Followers, for remote monitoring and extra peace of mind. Now you can get the good night’s sleep you all deserve.

Glucose Levels at a Glance

Conveniently view your blood glucose from your compatible smart device - so you can always know where your glucose is, where it's heading, and how quickly it's changing.

Always on the Alert

Get notified of impending lows and highs with customizable alerts, allowing you to take control sooner and spend more time in range. 


Remote Monitoring

With Dexcom G5 Share® and Follow® apps, you can always know your child's blood sugar levels - even while they're away. Less worry. More peace of mind.

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