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Registration & Account Management

Why am I being asked to register an account to place an order?

Last Updated · November 3, 2022

Because Dexcom is a medical device, we ask that all customers register an account to buy products from us, to help ensure that products end up in the right hands.

Setting up an account also ensures that every customer has easy access to the information they need, such as order history, invoices and tracking of replacement orders through Technical Support. By creating an account you are creating Dexcom login credentials for all Dexcom products, including the app.

5-step learning journey

Discover education resources, organised in a 5-step journey, to learn key information about your Dexcom ONE CGM system, from getting started, your first 10 days, to using Dexcom ONE in the long run.

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Step 2: Getting started
Step 3: Your first 10 days
Step 4: Using Dexcom ONE in the long run
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