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Your First 10 Days with Dexcom ONE

Can I shower or swim while wearing my Dexcom ONE?

Last Updated · May 30, 2023

Once snapped into place, the transmitter is water resistant for up to 2.4 meters for 24 hours. Swim, shower, take a bath: no need to worry about water and your Dexcom ONE – just leave your display device in a dry area. Keep in mind that Bluetooth connections do not work as well in water. For this reason, try to keep your transmitter and compatible smart device in close range of each other if you are swimming or showering.

The Dexcom ONE receiver is not water resistant or waterproof and can be damaged if moisture gets inside it. Water can also severely limit communication range with the Dexcom ONE, so you never want to prevent communication between the transmitter and display devices. This could cause the receiver to become damaged and a patient to miss a severe low or high blood glucose event or make a treatment decision that can result in injury.

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