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Your First 10 Days with Dexcom ONE

How do I use Dexcom ONE to make treatment decisions?

Last Updated · November 3, 2022

With Dexcom ONE, you can make treatment decisions without using your blood glucose (BG) meter (metre).

However, you should keep using your meter to make treatment decisions until you know how Dexcom ONE works for you. Do not rush! It may take days, weeks, or months for you to gain confidence in using your CGM to make treatment decisions.

Work with your healthcare professional to review what works best for you when making treatment decisions.

When to use Dexcom ONE

Use your Dexcom ONE for treatment decisions when you see both a number and trend arrow on your home screen.

When to use your meter

  • No number or no arrow: Use your meter for treatment decisions when you are missing a number or trend arrow.
  • Your Dexcom ONE readings don’t match your symptoms: You don’t feel right, but your Decom ONE says you’re in target. Use your meter.

When to watch and wait

Don’t take insulin doses too close together. That is called “insulin stacking.” Wait at least two hours between doses, or you might go low. It’s best to watch and wait.

5-step learning journey

Discover education resources, organised in a 5-step journey, to learn key information about your Dexcom ONE CGM system, from getting started, your first 10 days, to using Dexcom ONE in the long run.

Step 1: The basics of CGM
Step 2: Getting started
Step 3: Your first 10 days
Step 4: Using Dexcom ONE in the long run
Step 5: Understand your Diabetes trends