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This information was last updated on 26 March, 2020

At Dexcom, we are tracking the Coronavirus situation closely with three key priorities in mind: keeping our employees safe; serving our patients; and doing what we can to minimise the spread in our community.

On Friday, 20 March 2020, the Prime Minister issued a stay-at-home mandate to the UK. In Ireland, the Taoiseach noted that Emergency measures will be extended until mid-April and all non-essential stores must shut. As a healthcare organisation, Dexcom is an “essential business” and, therefore exempt from this rule.

At this time, there is no interruption to Dexcom’s production and supply chain. Dexcom deliveries are deemed essential items; therefore, we will maintain supply even during the lockdown. We will continue to assess our supply chain and are committed to communicating with our customers as the situation evolves.

Additional Resources:

•   IDF Europe has published a set of guidelines for this unprecedented time.

•   For product troubleshooting or replacement enquiries, please complete a Product Support Request.

•   Dexcom Social Channels: Facebook and LinkedIn


FOR DATA SHARING WITH YOUR CLINIC: We know many people are facing postponed or remote visits with their healthcare provider. You can still share your data with your healthcare provider using Dexcom CLARITY on the web or mobile app. To learn more about accessing CLARITY and sharing your data, visit the Clarity User Guide section on Data Sharing. You can discuss your glucose data with your diabetologist, for example, on the phone without having to go to the doctor's office. This makes diabetes management and therapy easier for you and your doctor. You can withdraw your consent to share data with your Doctor/Clinic at any time.