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The Dexcom G6® Experience

Listen to what these users think about the new Dexcom G6. 


Not many people can say diabetes changed their life for the better, but Brian can. Before being diagnosed, he wasn’t in the best shape, and now he runs marathons at the weekend! Listen to Brian talk about how the Dexcom G6 means he can run without worrying about his levels too much.


Ethan’s type 1 diagnosis at age 6 meant some significant changes for him and his family, but since using a CGM he feels like type 1 gets less in the way of his interests and hobbies. He and his dad feel that each generation of the Dexcom technology has brought new benefits, but listen to what they have to say about the G6 which they say is a much, much bigger leap.


When Natalie was diagnosed it changed so much about her lifestyle and friendships that she considers it the start of a second life. But before Dexcom, she was only ‘surviving’. Natalie will tell you here that with the Dexcom G6 she gets to live her best life.


Vinny thinks the G6 is giving him freedom he hasn’t had in years. The whole family was rocked when Vinny was diagnosed as a teenager. It meant sleepless nights and constant anxiety for everyone, and less independence for Vinny. Until Dexcom.

Interested in the Dexcom G6 CGM System?

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