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Top FAQs

  • Remotely monitor a Dexcom CGM user’s glucose with the Dexcom Follow app. Once a Sharer’s invitation is accepted, the Follower can see:

    • Sharer’s glucose reading
    • Sharer’s trend arrow showing their glucose speed and direction
    • Glucose notifications of changes, like a Low or High

    Both the Sharer’s and Follower’s smart devices must have a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi. For a list of smart devices compatible with Dexcom apps, see

  • Check  Dexcom’s compatibility chart before updating your smart device or mobile operating system (OS). Dexcom tests its apps for compatibility on new OS versions after they’re released.

  • Follow up to ten (10) Sharers with Dexcom Follow.*

    * Follow version 4.0 and up allows up to ten (10) followers. Earlier versions allow up to five (5) followers.

  • Allow notifications from Follow in your smart device settings.

    1. Go to your smart device settings.

    2. Go to notifications

    3. Find Follow in the app list and turn on notifications.

    Don’t miss notifications. Allow notifications to show on your lock screen. Keep your volume loud. 

  • If you’re changing your smart device, install the Dexcom Follow app on your new device. Your Sharer must remove you from their Followers, then invite you again.

  • There are several reasons you may not receive expected notifications. In your Follow app:

    • Check your Sharer’s glucose notifications. Turn on the ones you want.
    • Check each notification’s delay setting. If a delay is set, you’re only notified if the condition lasts longer than the delay.
    • Check your Sharer’s status. If you see No Data, Disconnected, Not Sharing, or Removed by Sharer you won’t receive notifications. Ask your Sharer if you have questions.

    Other issues:

    • Check that you have an Internet connection.
    • Open settings, then notifications.
    • Find Follow in the app list and turn on notifications.
    • Dexcom’s server may be down.

    If you continue to experience issues, contact your local Dexcom representative.

  • No, your smart device must have sound enabled to receive notification sounds.

  • Yes, you get Follow notifications when the app is closed.

  • To see the last 24 hours of Sharer’s glucose readings:

    • All Follow version users can tap the 24 hour button on your Sharer’s page
    • Follow version 4.0 and up users may also turn the smart device sideways to see more detailed data. Tap graph for more details. Your smart device must allow screen rotation.
  • Yes, you can choose which glucose notifications you receive for each Sharer. Changes to settings in the Follow app do not affect the Sharer’s CGM settings.

    To change notifications, follow these instructions:

    • If Sharer is sharing their trend graph, go to their graph and tap the gear icon.
    • If Sharer is not sharing their trend graph, tap in the list view and make changes. Sharer decides if you can view their trend graph.
  • The latest Follow release contains important updates to the app that improve user experience and enable Dexcom to better serve its customers.

  • Turn your smart device sideways. The landscape view lets you see up to the last 24 hours of sensor readings and, if you entered Events, your Event markers.

    LBL013381 Rev002
  • This means that your sensor is no longer working. Remove the failed sensor and replace with a new one.

    LBL013381 Rev002
  • The Stop Sensor option is not available because the sensor has not been started. When you are in a sensor session, Stop Sensor will be available. Once you have stopped a sensor session, you will have the option to start a new sensor session.
    LBL013381 Rev002
  • This icon means you need to enter a calibration and will appear when it is time for your 12-hour calibration update, or any other time an additional calibration is needed.

    LBL013381 Rev001
  • This screen means you recently entered a calibration blood glucose value and the sensor is having trouble calibrating. Follow the directions on the screen to enter a fingerstick reading in 15 minutes to restore readings.

    LBL013381 Rev002
  • The question marks mean that the transmitter does not understand the sensor readings for the moment. You will want to wait a minimum of 3 hours for them to clear. If they do not clear within that time frame, please contact your local distributor for assistance.
    LBL013381 Rev002
  • The “Bluetooth is off” alert means this function is turned off. Bluetooth must be on in order to get glucose information on your device. Refer to your smart device guide to turn on your Bluetooth. 

    LBL013381 Rev002
  • The Signal Loss alert tells you when your receiver or smart device is not communicating. This may occur if you (and the transmitter) are too far from your display device or something is blocking your transmitter signal, causing you not to get sensor glucose readings.

    LBL013381 Rev002
  • During initial setup or when switching to a new transmitter, you need to enter your transmitter serial number (SN) into the app.

    The transmitter SN is a series of numbers and/or letters that can be found on the transmitter box label or on the bottom of the transmitter. The app will guide you to enter the SN.

    After entering the transmitter SN into the app, attach the transmitter to the sensor pod. Pairing can take up to 30 minutes. When pairing has occurred, you will be able to start your new sensor session.

    LBL013381 Rev002
  • Visit Dexcom compatibility to determine if your device is compatible.


    LBL013381 Rev002
  • Your Dexcom G5 Mobile transmitter is covered under a limited warranty for three months, starting from the shipment date. The transmitter is warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. For additional information, please refer to the Warranty card that was included with your Dexcom G5 Mobile System.

    LBL013381 Rev001
  • Your transmitter is covered under a limited warranty for three months, starting from the shipment date. An alert message shows when your transmitter has about one week left. Replace the transmitter as soon as possible when you see the message.

    LBL013381 Rev001