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Get the good night’s sleep you all deserve

Dexcom's* alerts, alarms and real-time data sharing on compatible smart devices‡ can

give you the good night's sleep you all deserve. 


Our continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system gives you real-time readings and

reduces the need for repeated finger pricks throughout the day and night§.


If your glucose levels move outside your target range, Dexcom can let you know.

Stay close & connected with real time data

Our Dexcom Follow® App lets you share your glucose readings with up to 5 followers, helping you to manage your diabetes.


Get real-time alerts when your glucose levels change

Our glucose alerts and alarms let you know when your glucose levels are changing, even when you don't feel any symptoms, and helps you manage your life with diabetes§.



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*Dexcom refers to Dexcom G5® Mobile CGM System.


†Internet connectivity required for data sharing. Following requires the use of the Follow App. Followers should always confirm readings on the Dexcom G5 Mobile App or Receiver before making treatment decisions.


‡For a list of compatible smart devices, please visit


§If your glucose alerts and readings do not match your symptoms or expectations or you are taking medications containing paracetamol/acetaminophen, you should perform a finger prick to confirm your blood glucose level. A finger prick is needed every 12 hours to calibrate.


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