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Meet the Dexcom Warriors

Listen to real-life Dexcom Warriors talking about how our product has
changed their lives.



Endurance athlete Gavin doesn’t mind when his Dexcom wakes him up during the night. It’s a disruption he welcomes because he knows those alarms are helping keep him alive.




When Natalie was diagnosed it changed so much about her lifestyle and friendships that she considers it the start of a second life. But before Dexcom, she was only ‘surviving’. With Dexcom she gets to live her best life.


Roddy was embarrassed about how little he knew about type 1 diabetes when he was diagnosed. He is determined to raise awareness about what type 1 can mean and show everyone that living with it shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals.

Sam & Vinny

The whole family was rocked when Vinny was diagnosed as a teenager. It meant sleepless nights and constant anxiety for everyone, and less independence for Vinny. Until Dexcom.





There is only one advantage to having type 1 diabetes, for diabetes specialist nurse, Victoria – she knows exactly what her patients are going through. And she knows what a big difference Dexcom can make.



Interested in the Dexcom G6 CGM System?

Want to know more about life with Dexcom? We're always happy to answer any questions about a product we're so proud of!