What are the Dexcom G6 alert capabilities?

The Dexcom G6 mobile app not only displays glucose information on your compatible smart device but can also deliver glucose alerts to notify you of pending highs and lows.
Customizable alerts enable greater control over glucose management, empower better diabetes treatment decisions, and help reduce hypoglycemic incidents. By setting your own optimal range, you will be notified when you are heading high or low, based on your specific needs and preferences.
Here’s how to customize your alerts using the Dexcom app on your smartphone:
Launch the app:
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Alerts”
  • Tap the alert you want to change
The “Urgent Low Soon” alert is an alert that can warn users in advance (within 20 minutes) of a severe hypoglycemic event (55 mg/dL or 3.1 mmol/L) — allowing them time to take appropriate action before an event happens.
The “Alert Schedule” allows users to customize a second group of alerts. A common use case would be users who want to set different alert schedule for daytime vs. nighttime.
If you are using both a smart device app and a Dexcom G6 receiver, changes you make to alerts in your app aren’t reflected in your receiver and vice versa. If you want the alerts to be the same, you need to make changes to both devices.
For more details and help customizing your alerts, you can consult our online User Guides, explore the Dexcom Help Center’s Frequently Asked Questions page, watch training videos, or contact Global Technical Support.
Before adjusting any alert setting, always consult your healthcare provider.

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