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Top FAQs

  • If you get a new smart device, you have to install the Follow app on your new device and log in to your Follow account. Installation instructions are in the User Guide. Once installed, your Sharer’s glucose history and trends will show up on your new device.

    LBL013381 Rev002
  • If you are not getting notifications, one of the following may be the issue:
    • Your Urgent Low alarm, Low, and/or High alerts are turned off.
    • A delay is set for the notifications in the Follow app options. If the delay is a value other than 0, you must be below (or above) the threshold for that amount of time before an alert occurs.
    • Your Sharer may not be sharing their glucose readings.
    • Notifications from the Dexcom Follow app may have been disabled in your smart device settings.
    • All notifications on your smart device may have been disabled in your smart device settings.
    • You have no Internet connection.
    • The Dexcom server may be down.
    LBL013381 Rev002
  • Visit Dexcom compatibility to determine if your device is compatible.


    LBL013381 Rev002