How do I set up Siri on the G6 app?

With the Dexcom G6 app version 1.9 and later, you can ask Siri to recite your Dexcom glucose readings out loud and display your graph directly on the lock screen.
This feature is only compatible with iOS devices using iOS 13 and above and supported Apple Watches and watchOS. Visit to view our compatible smart devices. Check Apple’s website to see if Siri is available in your country. If your country isn’t listed, you won’t be able to use Dexcom G6 Siri feature in your country’s native language until Apple adds your country. Until then, you can use Siri in another available language. Visit Apple’s Support website to learn how to change Siri’s language under your phone settings.
Siri activation
To enable please follow these steps:
  1. Make sure that you’re connected to the internet
  2. Click on “Siri Shortcuts” from the Dexcom G6 app settings
  3. Tap the “Set up Siri Shortcuts” button
  4. A setup wizard will launch to guide you through setting up this feature. If you haven’t yet enabled Siri on your iOS device, you will be guided to do that first.
  5. Type or record the phrase you would like to use when you want to activate the task. We recommend, “What’s my glucose?”
  6. After setting up your phrase, you will see the phrase. Here you have the option to edit this phrase, if needed.
  7. Once ready, click “Done” to save.
Siri response
When a reading is available, you can activate Siri by using the chosen phrase (see phrase setup instructions above) and she should read your current CGM reading and trend arrow direction.
If a glucose reading is not available, you will be instructed to check the Dexcom G6 app for more information.
This is an optional feature that must be set up through the Siri setup wizard in the Dexcom G6 app. To use this feature, you must have Siri enabled on your phone and you must be connected to the internet when using Siri on devices running iOS 13 – 14. Siri responds only to your voice and the phrase you choose.

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