Using Clarity Reporting Software

Importing Data

Will events entered into my CGM receiver show up in Dexcom CLARITY?

Any event that is entered into your CGM will show up on Dexcom CLARITY graphs when your data is updated from your Dexcom G6 or you upload your receiver data to CLARITY.
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Does Dexcom CLARITY have information about my receiver or smart device?

Under the Devices section of Dexcom CLARITY's Overview page you will find the alert settings and last upload for the device. These settings are for your reference and are separate from Dexcom CLARITY settings.

How can I share my data using a Dexcom Receiver?

If you upload your receiver to the CLARITY home user account, you can share your home user account data with your health care provider.

How does Dexcom CLARITY get my data?

If you use a receiver, you log in to CLARITY from a computer, connect your receiver, then follow CLARITY's Upload Instructions. The data stored on your receiver will appear instantly.

Understanding Data and Trends

What is the Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) Report for Diabetes?

Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) is a standardized glucose report created by the International Diabetes Center to help people living with diabetes monitor glucose patterns.

How are ranges defined for Time in Range?

Time in Range in diabetes is the percentage of time that glucose levels are in low, target, and high ranges. Work with your healthcare provider to determine your target range.

What is a low utilization day?

When the low utilization filter is applied, days with less than 50% CGM data capture will display.

How far back can I access my data?

All data uploaded into Dexcom CLARITY will remain accessible as long as the product is available for use.

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