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Dexcom ONE Receiver
The optional Dexcom ONE receiver is an alternative way to display readings, allowing users to view real-time glucose data and trends on a dedicated medical device.

Limit 1 per order

Dexcom account required

The receiver allows you to review your readings, set and receive alarms and alerts. It’s ideal for people who don’t have a smart phone or who prefer to use a dedicated device to monitor their results.
You have the option to use the Dexcom ONE Receiver, a compatible smart device, or both at the same time to view glucose data. Your receiver must be kept within 6 meters of your Dexcom ONE Transmitter.
CGM data from your Dexcom ONE Receiver can be uploaded to Dexcom Clarity on your desktop with a USB cable.
The Dexcom ONE receiver is only compatible with other Dexcom ONE products.

LBL021710 Rev001

LBL1000729 Rev002

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