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Dexcom ONE Mobile App

One simple app to help you better manage your glucose levels, with readings displayed every 5 minutes on your compatible mobile device.°
The app displays your glucose levels throughout the day. You have the option to set customizable alerts and be warned prior to reaching highs and lows.
It is connected to your compatible smartphone° using a Bluetooth connection.
The Dexcom ONE app is available for free on Apple and Android app stores.

Is your smartphone compatible?

In order to use to use the Dexcom ONE app, you first need to ensure that your smartphone's model and operating system are compatible with our app.
Check smartphone compatibility
Dexcom ONE app with 5.6 mmol reading on smartphone

Your glucose readings screen

  1. Sensor Reading – The number is your reading. 288 readings are displayed in the app, every day.
  2. Trend Arrow – Shows where your glucose is heading and at what pace.
  3. Hours Shown – To see your readings on the graph over the past 3,6,12 or 24-hours.
  4. High Glucose Alert Level (when alert is on)
  5. Current Sensor Reading – The white circle on the right is your most current reading. The black dots are your past readings.
  6. Low Glucose Alert Level (when alert is on)

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Your customisable high / low glucose alerts

Turning on alerts can help you stay in your target range.
The Dexcom ONE app allows you to:
  • activate / deactivate the alerts
  • select your personal High / Low glucose alert threshold
  • select the alert mode, between sound or vibration
The Dexcom ONE alerts will follow your phone’s settings: you will not hear high or low glucose alerts if your phone is set to silent (sound is turned off).

More about High and Low Glucose alerts

Clarity on smartphone showing glucose readings

Your glucose reports

Your Dexcom One app will display reports about your glucose readings.
You can see your glucose summary over the period of time you choose (3, 7, 14, 30, or 90 days).
The report displays:
  • Your average glucose
  • Your estimated HbA1C
  • Your Time in Range
In addition, advanced reporting functionality is offered within the Dexcom Clarity app. Dexcom Clarity highlights your glucose patterns, trends and statistics. You can view, save, print or email any or all of Clarity’s reports.

More about your glucose reports

Download the Dexcom ONE app from the Apple or Google Play Store with a compatible mobile device or refer to the Dexcom ONE User Guide for further details.
The Dexcom ONE app works in conjunction with the Dexcom ONE Continuous Glucose Monitoring system.
° For a list of compatible devices, visit

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