What are the best practices to minimize signal loss on my phone?

Review the following information to make sure that you continue to receive CGM values when using a compatible smart device *:
Bluetooth connections
Keep Bluetooth pairings in your phone to a minimum. When you finish using a Dexcom transmitter, make sure to unpair it from your Bluetooth. If you have several old transmitters paired in Bluetooth, those simultaneous pairings can cause connection issues. (Note) Dexcom ONE transmitters only connect, send data, and disconnect every 5 minutes. The pairing in Bluetooth will say “not connected” and is expected.
Multiple running apps
The Dexcom ONE app should never be closed. Keep any additional running apps to a minimum in the background. High-intensity apps, like mobile games or video sites, draw large amounts of processing power and may cause signal loss.
Keep your phone charged
If your phone goes into low power mode, that will turn off Bluetooth and cause connection issues with the Dexcom ONE app and transmitter.
*To view a list of compatible smart devices, visit dexcom.com/compatibility

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