Dexcom Follow

Dexcom Follow

Can I customize notification settings?

Yes, you can choose which glucose notifications you receive for each Sharer. Changes to settings in the Follow app do not affect the Sharer’s CGM settings. To change notifications, follow these instructions: If Sharer is sharing their trend graph, go to their graph and tap the gear icon. If Sharer is not sharing their trend graph, tap in the list view and make changes. Sharer decides if you can view their trend graph.
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How do I follow using my new smart device?

If you’re changing your smart device, install the Dexcom Follow app on your new device. Your Sharer must remove you from their Followers, then invite you again.

What is Dexcom Follow?

Remotely monitor a Dexcom CGM user’s glucose with the Dexcom Follow app. Once a Sharer’s invitation is accepted, the Follower can see: Sharer’s glucose reading Sharer’s trend arrow showing their glucose speed and direction Glucose notifications of changes, like a Low or High Both the Sharer’s and Follower’s smart devices must have a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi. For a list of smart devices compatible with Dexcom apps, see

Will I receive notifications if the Follow app is closed?

Yes, you get Follow notifications when the app is closed.

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