What are the recommended iPhone settings?

Your phone settings can prevent the Dexcom Follow app from working. Learn more about the settings that will allow your app to work as expected.

Screen Time

Screen Time's Downtime and App Limits can temporarily disable apps. If you set time limits for the Dexcom Follow app, you may not open the app, or get notifications.
  1. Go to phone Settings
  2. Tap Screen Time
  3. Turn off Downtime and App Limits, or add Dexcom Follow app to the Always Allowed app list

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb silences all notifications. We do not recommend using Do Not Disturb.
How to turn Do Not Disturb off?
  1. Go to phone Settings
  2. Turn off Do Not Disturb

Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode may prevent the Dexcom Follow app from running in the background when you don’t have the app open and displayed on your screen. When Low Power Mode is on, notifications may be delayed.
How to turn Low Power Mode off?
  1. Go to phone Settings
  2. Tap on Battery
  3. Turn off Low Power Mode


Notifications let you get notifications on your smart device. Allow notifications for the Dexcom Follow app to work.
How to turn Notifications on?
  1. Go to phone Settings
  2. Tap Dexcom Follow
  3. Tap Notifications
  4. Turn on Notifications

Internet Connection (Wi-Fi or Cellular Data)

Internet connection is required to see your Sharers' readings and get notifications. When there are no Wi-Fi networks available, turn on Cellular Data to connect to the Internet. If you disconnect from both Wi-Fi and Cellular Data, you won't see any readings, or get notifications.
If your phone or cellular service carrier doesn't support voice and data at the same time (VoLTE), you might disconnect from the Internet and delay notifications during phone calls.
How to turn Wi-Fi or Cellular Data on?
  1. Go to phone Settings
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi or Cellular
  3. If VoLTE is supported, turn on VoLTE in Cellular Data options
The location of each setting may be different based on your iOS version. Please refer to your smart device instructions for detailed information. Not sure which iOS version you’re on? Find your device’s iOS version within the About section of your phone’s Settings.

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