Where can I insert my G6 sensor?

Dexcom G6 sensors may be inserted on the abdomen, the back of the upper arm (indicated for patients age 2 years and older) or the upper buttocks (ages 2-17 years). Sensor placement is important and you will want to change your insertion site with each sensor. Using the same site too often might not allow the skin to heal, causing scarring or skin irritation.
Choose a site:
  • At least 3 inches from any insulin pump infusion set or injection site
  • Away from waistbands, scarring, tattoos, irritation, and bones
  • Unlikely to be bumped, pushed, or laid on while sleeping
Follow the Dexcom G6 instructions for use. If you don’t, you could experience a severe low or high glucose event. If you have any questions regarding sensor insertion, placement, or otherwise, please refer to the Dexcom G6 User Guide for additional information.

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LBL016375 Rev002

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