Why am I not seeing data in Dexcom Clarity or in my third-party application?

In order to receive and see your Dexcom CGM data in Dexcom Clarity and your third-party apps and devices (e.g. Glooko app), please ensure the following settings:
  • You have consented to share your data with Dexcom during or after account set-up, and consented to sharing with compatible connected applications or devices.
  • In your CGM app, ensure you have turned on Share.
  • Ensure you have at least one active Follower.
  • You have authorised Dexcom Clarity and/or the third-party application to receive your Dexcom CGM data.
  • You have an active Internet connection on your phone.

LBL014350 Rev001

LBL014350 Rev001

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