Are there any changes to alerts for Dexcom G7 compared to Dexcom G6?

Dexcom G7 has new alert sounds and sound options.
The new Quiet Mode allows users to override phone settings:
Quiet Mode (Vibrate): When this setting is enabled, all Dexcom G7 CGM System alerts will vibrate. Urgent Low Soon and technical alerts will still escalate to sound if not acknowledged.
Vibrate: All alerts vibrate but will not sound. You can set vibrate mode for up to 6 hours or indefinitely.
  • Vibrate Exceptions: Your smartphone vibrate setting must be on for the alerts to vibrate. For more information, go to: Settings > G7 Android Safety and tap Complete guide to Dexcom Android Settings
In the app, Urgent Low and the following alerts act differently; if you do not acknowledge them, they will add sound: App Bluetooth is Off, App is Closed, App Location is Off, App Stopped: Phone Storage Full, App Stopped Working, Phone Bluetooth is Off, Phone Location is Off, Replace Sensor Now, and Sensor Failed.
Quiet Mode (Silence All): This setting can be enabled for up to 6 hours, allowing total silence when it is needed. When this setting is enabled, all Dexcom G7 alerts will be silent, and the user will not hear sounds or feel vibrations related to any alerts. However, visual alerts will still be displayed on the user's compatible display device. Users should check their display device frequently to avoid missing a low or high event. A banner with the stop time shows at the top of your screen when you use these modes.
Silence All Exceptions: 'App Stopped Working' and 'App Stopped: Phone Storage Full' alerts will still sound. The Dexcom G7 Alert Profile replaces the Alert Schedule from Dexcom G6. The Alert Profile allows users to customize a second group of alerts, which can be used in two ways:
  • You can switch between them manually
  • You can set up a schedule to switch between alerts automatically; for example, to set different alert schedules for daytime and nighttime.
In addition, you can now customize a Delay 1st Alert setting for your High Alert. Turn it on to delay your first alert until your sensor reading is at or past the alert setting for a while. You choose how long—for example, if you set Delay 1st Alert to 20 minutes for your High Alert, your glucose must be at or above your high alert level for 20 minutes before you get the alert.

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