What's new for Dexcom G7?

  • Smaller, all-in-one sensor
  • 30-minute sensor warmup
  • 12-hour grace period at the end of the sensor session
  • Redesigned mobile app with Clarity reports included
  • New alert quiet modes let you silence all alerts for up to 6 hours
  • Re-designed receiver that is smaller (as compared to Dexcom G6), with a more vibrant display
  • No sensor code, only a 4-digit pairing code provided on each new Dexcom G7 applicator
*Compatible smart devices sold separately. To view a list of compatible smart devices, visit dexcom.com/g7-compatibility

LBL-1000444 Rev001

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MAT-1606, MAT-3130

LBL-1000444 Rev001

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