Dexcom’s Statement on Human Rights

At Dexcom, our mission – to empower people to take control of health – is unwavering. This means listening to the needs of our patients, caregivers, and providers, so that we can deliver solutions that are best in class, simplifying and improving healthcare around the world.
Our mission is underpinned by our core values: Think Big, Be Dependable, Listen, and Serve with Integrity. We conduct our business with the highest standards of ethics and integrity and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We also recognize that we have an obligation to positively impact the communities in which we do business. That is why we promote corporate responsibility and sustainability and respect human rights.
Our Commitment to Human Rights
Our Code of Conduct, policies, and practices guide how we conduct business globally. We are also guided by the principles set forth in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Accordingly, we conduct our business ethically and with integrity, and in a manner that respects the rights and dignities of all people.
Dexcom is committed to the following principles:
  • We prohibit any direct or indirect use of child labor, forced labor, involuntary labor, or human trafficking.
  • We adhere to fair labor practices in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace and have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and verbal or physical harassment of our employees and business partners.
  • We are dedicated to establishing a safe and healthy workplace that complies with all appropriate laws and regulations.
  • We protect the privacy of our employees, customers, and patients.
To further our commitments, we perform ongoing due diligence and risk assessments on suppliers and other third parties with whom we do business. We also provide relevant training, as appropriate, to our employees and certain third parties.
The Nominating and Governance Committee of Dexcom’s Board of Directors oversees all corporate responsibility and sustainability matters, including those respecting human rights.
Reporting Concerns
At Dexcom, open and honest communication is the expectation – not the exception. We encourage employees to report all concerns to their supervisor, Legal, Compliance, or Human Resources. Additionally, employees can report concerns via Dexcom’s Compliance Helpline, which is hosted by Navex, a third-party helpline provider. The Compliance helpline can be reached by phone, mobile web, or web.
Finally, we strictly prohibit retaliation against someone who seeks advise, raises a concern, reports misconduct, or provides information in an internal investigation.

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Compliance Program

Dexcom is committed to conducting its business affairs ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
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Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

At Dexcom, we operate with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Compliance Helpline

Dexcom is committed to an environment where open and honest communication is the expectation, not the exception.

Trust Center

Dexcom is committed to protecting the privacy of your data.

Distributor Code of Conduct

To help our distributor partners meet our compliance expectations, we are providing this Distributor Code of Conduct as a resource.

Modern Slavery

At Dexcom, we do not tolerate human trafficking or slavery in any part of our global organization.

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