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How to choose Vibrate only for G5 mobile app:

 Select Main Menu in upper left-hand corner

main screen G5 App


Then select alerts from menu options:  

Main Menu


You will need to customize each alert. Default settings are as follows:

Low – Low Alert sound

High – High Alert sound

Rise Rate – Off

Fall Rate – Off

Signal Loss – Signal Loss Alert sound


Note: “Urgent Low” cannot be set to vibrate


G5 Mobile App Alert Settings

Once inside alert, select Sound:

Sound Options G5 Mobile App

Here you will have the option to choose vibrate only:


vibrate only G5 Mobile App                                              G5 Mobile Vibrate only Sound

You will then need to repeat this process for each of the other alerts you want set to vibrate only such as Low, High, Rise Rate, Fall Rate, and Signal Loss. If the Alert Schedule feature is activated, you will also need to repeat this process for your scheduled alerts:

Note: “Urgent Low” cannot be set to vibrate


More Alert Settings G5 Mobile


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