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How do I keep my sensor from falling off?

Here are some tips to keep the sensor from falling off:

  1. Before inserting the sensor, clean the skin with a topical antimicrobial solution, such as isopropyl alcohol, and allow to dry. This may help prevent infection. Do not insert the sensor until the cleaned area is dry so the sensor adhesive will stick better.
  2. If the patch is peeling up, you can use medical tape (such as Blenderm, Tegaderm, IV 3000, 3M tape) for extra support. If you use tape, only tape over the white adhesive patch on all sides for even support. Do not tape over the transmitter or any of the plastic parts of the sensor pod. Do not tape under the sensor pod or leave any substance on the skin where you insert the sensor.

Dexcom G4 PLATINUM (Adult) FAQ Topics:

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