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What can I do if my new Dexcom G5 Mobile transmitter is not pairing to my receiver or compatible smart device?

Anytime you have a new transmitter, make sure you start the pairing process by entering the serial number into your receiver or compatible smart device before inserting the transmitter into the transmitter holder on the sensor. Pairing can take up to 30 minutes. You will know the transmitter and receiver are paired when the Bluetooth icon stops blinking. You can then start your new sensor session.

Still having issues?

  • Did you clean your sensor site with a topical antimicrobial solution, such as isopropyl alcohol and the transmitter with a damp cloth or alcohol wipes?
  • Did you keep the safety lock on the sensor applicator until AFTER the sensor applicator was secure to your skin?
  • Did you keep your fingers ABOVE the collar when pushing the white plunger completely down the applicator barrel?
  • After pressing the white plunger completely down the applicator barrel, did you then move your fingers to BELOW the collar and pull the collar completely up the applicator barrel?
  • Is the transmitter serial number correctly entered into the receiver or compatible smart device?
  • Is the transmitter completely snapped into the transmitter holder on the sensor?

Did this solve your problem?

If not, you can submit a patient support request for further assistance.

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