How soon will Dexcom support new iPhone models after they're released?

Dexcom tests all apps on new generation iPhone models after they’re released each Fall. We get iPhones at the same time as the public, and it may take several weeks to complete testing.
If you install the Dexcom CGM app on an iPhone model that isn’t compatible yet, you will get a reoccurring in-app message warning you that we haven’t tested that iPhone yet. The message can be dismissed to continue using the app, and it will stop appearing after we add the iPhone model to the Dexcom compatibility site (
View “How might Dexcom CGM apps be affected if installed on an iPhone model that isn’t compatible yet?” for more information on why it’s important to wait to update your phone.

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Why doesn't Dexcom plan to test my iOS version?

If there are frequent iOS releases within a short period of time, Dexcom will prioritize testing the latest versions. If you're on an older iOS version, you may get an in-app message telling you Dexcom won’t test your iOS version.
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How might Dexcom CGM apps be affected if used on an iPhone model that isn't compatible yet?

The Dexcom CGM app and Transmitter communicate using a phone's Bluetooth technology.

Why doesn’t Dexcom G7 have the Apple Widget?

The Dexcom Apple Widget has been a popular feature of Dexcom products because they give you your glucose data without opening the app.
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