How soon will Dexcom support new OS versions after they are released?

Dexcom tests all apps on new Operating System (OS) versions after they’re released. It may take Dexcom several weeks to complete testing and, if necessary, update the app to be fully compatible with a new OS version.
Always check before installing a new OS version on your phone to make sure the latest OS is compatible with your Dexcom CGM app.
If you update to a new OS before it’s compatible, you’ll get a reoccurring in-app message warning you that we haven’t tested that OS version yet. This message will stop appearing after the OS version is added to the Dexcom compatibility site. To prevent your phone from automatically updating to an OS version before it’s compatible, turn off automatic OS updates in your phone settings.
View “How might Dexcom CGM apps be affected if used on OS versions that aren’t yet compatible?” for more information on why it’s important to wait to update your OS.

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