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Dexcom Help Center

Reordering Sensors & Supplies

Find answers to your questions about Dexcom Systems, software and diabetes.

  • Is Dexcom available at my pharmacy?

    You may have pharmacy coverage for Dexcom through your insurance, which would allow you to get supplies at your local pharmacy. The Dexcom team has worked to expand pharmacy coverage for our customers, resulting in increased insurance provider coverage of CGM as a pharmacy benefit (versus Durable Medical Equipment). Here's how you can check if you have pharmacy benefits:

  • Can I restart the Dexcom G6 sensor after 10 days?

    No. Dexcom G6 sensors are designed to last for a maximum of 10 days, after which time the Dexcom G6 will require the insertion of a new sensor.

  • How long can I wear the Dexcom G6 sensor?

    A single Dexcom G6 sensor can be worn up to 10 days. Read more for tips to keep your sensor on for the full 10 days...

  • How long does the Dexcom G6 transmitter last?

    A single Dexcom G6 transmitter lasts for three months (90 days), starting from the first time you snap it into a sensor--provided that it is used within five months of its shipping date.

  • How do I reorder Dexcom supplies?

    You should receive ongoing supplies from wherever you received your initial product, whether that is Dexcom, a medical distributor, or an approved pharmacy.

  • How do I replace my Dexcom G6 transmitter?

    To pair your new transmitter after you receive the "Replace Sensor & Transmitter Now" notification, follow the onscreen prompts

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