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Dexcom's Forthcoming Mobile App Platform to Integrate Data from Insulet's OmniPod System

June 13, 2014
Insulet Corporation and Dexcom announced today their intention to enable Dexcom's mobile App platform, which is currently under development, to integrate data from Insulet's OmniPod System. This will be the first version of a mobile App that is capable of incorporating glucose and other diabetes-related data from patients' devices and displaying the integrated data via a smartphone App. This event also marks the start of Dexcom's open architecture approach to diabetes-related data which will include an "approved by Dexcom" indication to validate the authenticity of devices and Apps integrating Dexcom CGM data.
"Providing OmniPod users and their healthcare providers with easier access to their management data is another key step in making diabetes a smaller part of life," said Duane DeSisto, President and Chief Executive Officer of Insulet. "Through Dexcom's mobile App platform, OmniPod users will have greater access to the data that is so essential for understanding and improving diabetes management. We are proud to help people with diabetes gain greater and easier control over their disease and we remain dedicated to providing advancements that further this mission." "More than ever, we believe that effective diabetes management depends on timely and accurate data. That is why we are excited to complete development of the App and integrate data from Insulet's OmniPod system," said Terry Gregg, Dexcom's CEO. DexCom, Inc. Steven R. Pacelli Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development (858) 200-0200
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