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Avery Addington

We truly believe that anything is possible. Our daughter Avery (Hallie) was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes five years ago, when she was three. From the very beginning, we have made it a point to never let her diagnosis hold her back. She can do anything. “No” and “can’t” have never existed.

Her Dexcom G4 CGM has made this so much easier. It provides regular trend information that determines how we change course in her care – critical information for better care. But more than that, it gives us security, safety, piece of mind. I cannot imagine our lives without it.

Dexcom is my pair of eyes on the inside that gives me a better understanding of what Avery’s blood sugar is doing during the day, and most importantly, at night. We’ve experienced all too often, how quickly her blood glucose levels can plummet at night, to a life-threatening level. The Dexcom alarms often wake us up before my normal alarm, when she is in danger and needs immediate care. One night, she had two seizures and ended up in the ER. We truly thought she was going to die. Without the Dexcom, I can’t even imagine what might have been when we checked on Avery an hour or two later. It has saved her life, literally. That’s not an exaggeration. I can’t even begin to really express what it means to us have this helper keeping watch and letting us know she’s safe. It’s priceless.

CGM is a huge help when she is with other caregivers, at school or at a friend’s house. I feel more comfortable giving her some freedom. She feels comfortable knowing “Dexie” is watching out for her. And her caretakers feel more comfortable. She can go places without us. Without Dexcom, it would be a lot harder to let her do many of the things other kids do, or have experiences that all kids should have.

In school, we record her Dexcom number before any test. That lets us know if she is in prime learning zone or if she’s too high or low. If she’s too high or low, she doesn’t take the test because we’ve seen, from experience, that she can’t do her best if she’s not in range.

It’s also a great help during sports since activity makes her blood sugar drop. She gets to just be a kid and do her thing! With our trusty Dexcom by our side, we’ve learned how many free carbs she needs to keep her from crashing during class. We’ve also learned, from watching the graph, that we need to do a minus basal to keep her steady while she’s exercising. Without it, we would need her to stop and test in the middle of her class, and she would NOT like that. But with it, we know she’s safe. And by watching it week after week, we get a good handle on what we need to do keep her steady and safe.

Because of Dexcom, Avery’s care is better. She has fewer risks and complications. And Avery loves to wear it. She feels safer, and so do we. I know lots of parents and children don’t want to wear (or have their child wear) another device. For us, the benefits outweigh all else. As parents, it gives you more than hope, it gives your child tangible and endless possibilities.

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