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Meet Sierra Sandison*

Miss Idaho

The glitz & the glam

As the 2014 Miss Idaho, I’ve had some amazing opportunities to participate in several diabetes-focused events over the years. The message I continue to tell everyone I meet is to really hear and truly understand that diabetes makes you stronger 

when you love what makes you different. It’s a key part of my published book, 

Sugar Linings.


*Paid spokesperson for Dexcom, Inc.

I became a stronger person when I found out that I could face diabetes head-on without it ruling my life. I owe a big thanks to Dexcom for that.

CGM in the spotlight

When I first learned about the Dexcom CGM System , I assumed it was something only little kids used. Boy was I wrong. It’s for teenagers, it’s for young adults who are about to go off to college, it’s for adults who go on business trips alone, it’s for Miss Idaho who needs to know the direction of her blood glucose levels before she goes on stage to speak. One of the biggest challenges a person with diabetes faces is not knowing where your glucose levels are headed and the Dexcom CGM System is such an unbelievable help with this.


Finally, peace of mind

Being on the Dexcom CGM System has made exercising easier, it’s made sleeping easier, but really it’s made everything easier! The great thing about using the Dexcom CGM System is that the sensor and transmitter are really small and much easier to hide than I thought! I have one friend who was terrified to put the sensor in, but I assured her it would be just a tiny bit of pain in exchange for a lot of peace of mind. 

Without a doubt, getting on the Dexcom CGM System is one of the best and most important decisions I’ve ever made.

Become a Warrior

If you’re interested in becoming a Dexcom Warrior, tell us about yourself using the link below and how you would like to educate others about diabetes. If we choose to feature your story, a member of our Warriors Committee will reach out to you to provide you more details about the program.

Interested in getting the Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System?

If you are ready to take the next step, the process is simple. Provide us with a few details and we will contact you to begin your order.