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Meet Stephanie Iacovelli*


My diabetic life began in January 2014. I was hospitalized with the onset of Type 1 diabetes. I was 52 when this disease came slamming into my life with gale-force fury. Diabetes does not run in my family and I had always been healthy. The diagnosis 

sent shock waves through all of us. I felt disoriented and had to learn a whole new language and way of living. 


*Paid spokesperson for Dexcom, Inc.

“Living with Type 1 Diabetes is tough. It takes guts. It takes resiliency. It takes grit! For me, it takes a Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System so I always know my sugar levels.”

A new life partner

I quickly learned that Type 1 diabetes is a demanding life partner. There are numerous and endless routines including counting carbs, dosing insulin, correcting blood sugars, and changing pump insets. There are the frustrating days that no matter how well I am eating and medicating, my blood sugar does its own thing. 

Trusty travel companion

I am a travel enthusiast.  My travel log consists of twelve trips to Toronto, two trips to Florida, two trips to New York, two trips to North Carolina, one trip to Atlanta, one trip to California, one trip to Colorado, one trip to Bermuda, one trip to France, and one trip to Costa Rica. All of this in a little over two years! My Dexcom CGM System has made every trip with me.

Living with Type 1 diabetes is challenging. I do not have a magical mantra or wand. But, I do have guts. I do have supportive family and friends. And, I have a Dexcom that allows me to carry on.

Become a Warrior

If you’re interested in becoming a Dexcom Warrior, tell us about yourself using the link below and how you would like to educate others about diabetes. If we choose to feature your story, a member of our Warriors Committee will reach out to you to provide you more details about the program.

Interested in getting the Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System?

If you are ready to take the next step, the process is simple. Provide us with a few details and we will contact you to begin your order.