Compliance Helpline

Dexcom is committed to an environment where open and honest communication is the expectation, not the exception. We encourage our employees to speak up in instances where they believe a violation of policies or ethical standards has occurred, and we provide several channels for them to do so, including a dedicated Compliance email address and our Compliance Helpline, which is hosted by a 
third-party helpline provider. All submissions to the Compliance Helpline are confidential and can be reported anonymously where permitted by local law. Dexcom investigates each submission expeditiously and will not tolerate retaliation against someone who seeks advice, raises a concern, or reports misconduct in good faith, regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

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Please see below for more information on Dexcom’s culture of ethics, integrity, and compliance.

Compliance Program

Dexcom is committed to conducting its business affairs ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
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Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

At Dexcom, we operate with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Trust Center

Dexcom is committed to protecting the privacy of your data.

Distributor Code of Conduct

To help our distributor partners meet our compliance expectations, we are providing this Distributor Code of Conduct as a resource.

Modern Slavery

At Dexcom, we do not tolerate human trafficking or slavery in any part of our global organization.

Human Rights

Dexcom conducts our business in a manner that respects the rights and dignities of all people.

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