What do I do if my CGM values seem inaccurate?

Pairing usually takes less than 5 minutes. If it takes longer, use these troubleshooting tips. You can also go to the Help screen on your display device for more information.
Keep display device close
  • App: Always keep phone within 6 meters (20 feet) of sensor.
  • Receiver: For pairing, keep receiver within 1 meter (3 feet) of sensor. Be sure there is nothing between the sensor and the receiver, like your body. Pairing can take 5 minutes or longer if you have already paired the app with the sensor.
Insert sensor to pair: Make sure your sensor is inserted. If it isn’t, insert sensor now.
Check pairing code: Check that the pairing code you entered is the pairing code on the applicator. If it isn’t, edit the pairing code.
Move away from others wearing sensors: To reduce potential interference, stay more than 6 meters from other sensors until pairing is complete. For pairing, you may have to go to a different area to get far enough away from other people.

LBL-1000723 Rev001

LBL-1000723 Rev001

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