NDSS CGM Subsidy Initiative

The Australian Government offers access to subsidised Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) for Australians living with type 1 diabetes through the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) Initiative.
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CGM Subsidy Initiative: Access Groups

There are two categories for accessing subsidised Dexcom G6 CGM, whereby individuals can access partly-subsidised or fully-subsidised CGM products.
(A) Individuals living with type 1 diabetes who do not fit the eligibility criteria for the restricted groups
(B) Individuals who do meet the eligibility criteria for the restricted groups*

How can I access Dexcom G6 via the NDSS CGM Subsidy Initiative?

Regardless of which Access Group you apply through, all individuals will need to follow these easy 4 steps.

Step 1

Review the eligibility criteria and speak to your healthcare professional (HCP)

Step 2

Complete your relevant access form with your HCP:

Step 3

Diabetes Australia will contact you to confirm your eligibility

Step 4

Your HCP will confirm where your initial Dexcom kit will be sent to (either directly to you or to the clinic). After your first Dexcom kit order, all your following orders can be ordered and collected from your local Access Point/Pharmacy. Find your local pharmacy.
For more information on this process or eligibility, please contact NDSS directly on 1800 637 700.

Looking to switch over to Dexcom?

NDSS registrants are able to switch from another subsidised CGM product to Dexcom G6 at anytime!
Individuals will simply need to follow the steps below in order to move to their preferred CGM system.
download icon
Step 2: Take it to your next HCP appointment.
Your HCP will help you lodge this form.


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^ Offer available for customers starting on the subsidised Dexcom Starter Kit through the NDSS Subsidy Program only from the 1st May 2024. Offer starts from 1st May 2024 and is available while stocks last. One travel bag per person. If you qualify, your travel bag will be sent via AMSL with your NDSS CGM Starter Kit.
* Individuals must meet the criteria of the restricted groups to access fully-subsidised CGM product. For more information, on the eligibility criteria, visit ndss.com.au/about-the-ndss/cgm-initiative
† Smart device and Receiver not included with Dexcom G6 CGM system. For a list of compatible devices, please visit
dexcom.com/compatibility‡ Do not make treatment decisions based upon Share or Follow readings. Always confirm with your compatible smart device or Receiver. Internet connectivity required to access Dexcom Follow.
References: 1. Wadwa RP, Laffel LM, Shah VN, Garg SK. Accuracy of a Factory-Calibrated Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System During 10 Days of Use in Youth and Adults with Diabetes. 2.Beck RW, et al. DIAMOND - JAMA. 2017. 3. Soupal J et al. COMISAIR, Diabetes Technol Ther. 2016. 4. Heinemann L,et al. HypoDE, Lancet. 2018. 5. Reddy M et al. iHart CGM Diabet Med. 2018. 6. Lind M, et al. GOLD JAMA. 2017.
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