What is a Dexcom Warrior?

I hear you asking what is a Dexcom Warrior and why do I want to become one? It's simple!
Our Aussie Dexcom Warriors are customers with inspiring stories who want to share their experiences with others - whether that be working the 9 to 5, competing in their chosen sport/profession at an elite level or perhaps progressing with their goals such as completing university degrees and incredible treks.
By becoming a Warrior, you will:
  • Receive exclusive updates and find out more about what's happening in the diabetes space via the Dexcom Warrior Newsletter
  • Connect and inspire others living with diabetes^ by sharing your authentic journey with diabetes
  • Be featured on the Dexcom website, Facebook, Instagram and/or YouTube
  • Be alerted to upcoming media opportunities and events which you can participate in!
^ This product is indicated for persons with diabetes mellitus age 2 years and older where self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) is indicated
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What exactly does a Dexcom Warrior do?

Dexcom Warriors are part of a strong global advocacy movement. Warriors inspire others by sharing their stories about their own diabetes journey through forums such as social posts, blogs and other media opportunities. For example, as a Dexcom Warrior you can share your story through:
  • Photos/Videos - where you show us what you are interested in, and some of the cool things you are doing in your life right now
  • Written Stories - where you tell us who you are, what you love, and what diabetes means to you. Let's chat about your successes or how you overcome challenges living with diabetes
  • Blogs - where you talk about your journey with diabetes, and your lifestyle
  • "Let's Talk About It" Facebook Sessions - Share your story LIVE with others from the diabetes community
…and there are more great opportunities to connect with other people living with diabetes in Australia and around the world.
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Dexcom Warrior in the spotlight!

Liz Cooke Sailing

Racing Sydney to Hobart

Liz Cooke shares the inspiring journey of a Dexcom Warrior who faced the challenges of racing from Sydney to Hobart while managing diabetes, MS, and Graves' Disease.
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