Can I use my Dexcom ONE while traveling?

Dexcom ONE is designed not to impact your travel. Just follow these instructions.
Going Through Security Check Points
  1. When wearing your Dexcom ONE, ask for hand-wanding or full-body pat-down and visual inspection instead of going through the body scanner or putting any part of the Dexcom ONE system in the baggage x-ray machine.
  2. You can wear Dexcom ONE for the walk-through metal detector. If you do, use your meter for treatment decisions until you leave the security area.
  3. Because we have not tested every x-ray and scanner, we do not know if they damage Dexcom ONE. Not sure what kind of machine it is? Be safe - request either hand-wanding or full-body pat-down.
Changing Time Zones
Let the date and time on your smartphone automatically update when you travel across time zones or switch between standard and daylight-saving times. Do not manually change your smartphone time, because it can make the time on the trend screen wrong and the app may stop displaying data.

LBL-1000734 Rev001

LBL-1000734 Rev001

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