Using Clarity Reporting Software

Troubleshooting (Clarity/Studio Reporting Software)

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding Dexcom Clarity?

Please contact your local Dexcom representative.
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Why am I not seeing data in Dexcom Clarity or in my third-party application?

In order to receive and see your Dexcom CGM data in Dexcom CLARITY and your third-party apps and devices (e.g. Glooko app), please ensure the following settings...

Setting Up Sharing and Dexcom Clarity

Why do I see 'username or password are incorrect' when I try to log into the Dexcom Clarity app on my smartphone?

Login issues can be caused by having the incorrect country or region selected in your smartphone settings. Within smartphone settings, set the Region (iOS) and Language/Region (Android) to match your Dexcom account then, reinstall the Dexcom Clarity app and try again. Please contact your local Dexcom if you need further assistance.

How do I share data with my clinic?

Your clinic uses their Dexcom Clarity clinic account to invite you to share data with them on an ongoing basis. The invitation includes a sharing code that you enter in your Dexcom Clarity account on the Settings page. You can also accept the Sharing Code using the Dexcom Clarity app.

How are ranges defined for Time in Range?

Time in Range is the percentage of time that glucose levels are in low, target and high ranges. Dexcom CLARITY displays time in range from both daytime and nighttime ranges.

What is Dexcom Clarity?

The Dexcom CLARITY app highlights your glucose patterns, trends and statistics. You can even get weekly notifications with the Dexcom CLARITY Reports app. Share all this with your clinic and monitor improvements between visits.

Importing Data

How do I share data with my clinic using a Dexcom receiver?

If you upload your Dexcom receiver to your personal Dexcom Clarity account, you can share your data with your clinic. You will need to accept a sharing invitation from your clinic to begin sharing. The invitation will be provided during your visit or by email.

Understanding Data and Trends

Can I export raw data?

Yes. Dexcom CLARITY has the option to export data as a CSV file viewable in Excel.

What is the AGP Report?

The Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) is a licensed, standardised glucose report created by the International Diabetes Center (IDC). AGP provides a big picture view of your diabetes management and is only one part of understanding your glucose patterns.

What is Time in Range?

The percentage of time that glucose levels are in low, target, and high ranges. The following are recommended ranges from an international consensus. Dexcom CLARITY ranges may be different than Dexcom CGM alerts. Changes made in Dexcom CLARITY apply only to Dexcom CLARITY.

What is Glucose Management Indicator (GMI)?

Glucose Management Indicator (GMI) approximates the laboratory A1C level expected based on average glucose measured using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) values.

Compatible Software and Apps

What are the computer and software requirements for Dexcom Clarity?

A broadband network connection of 1.5 Mbps or more is required to install the software from the web, upload data or view the online User Guide.

Exporting and Sharing Reports

How do I access past data from Dexcom STUDIO?

At this time, there is no mechanism to import the data from Dexcom STUDIO into Dexcom Clarity. Data stored in Dexcom STUDIO will continue to be viewable within Dexcom STUDIO.

Managing Your Online Account

Do I need a Dexcom account to access Dexcom Clarity?

If you currently use the Dexcom G6 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System and have downloaded the Dexcom G6 Mobile app, then you have already created a Dexcom account and should use this to log in to Clarity

Using Your Receiver

How can I share my data using a Dexcom Receiver?

If you upload your receiver to the CLARITY home user account, you can share your home user account data with your health care provider. Your clinic will need to give you a sharing invitation via email or printed invitation to initiate sharing.

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